Rubber Butt Plate 4709A

CODE: JG001468

Rubber butt plate 4709A is straight, comes with guide plate and fixing screws

Precise Hook Butt Plate

CODE: A130

The vertical & horizontal radius of the telescopic stop pins can be adjustade individually to the shoulder's size and form. The ball-headed pins make contact... More

Shooting Jacket - Standard Plus limited sizes in stock, please call to confirm

CODE: A2000

This Suede/Canvas combination jacket offers exceptional value. The left side is made of Amara for better adhesion to the non-slip rubber facing on the... More

Shooting Vest - Cold Winner


MEDIUM AN X-LARGER IN STOCK    Whether in cold at -27C or heat at +30C your temperature remains constant. Versatile, patented high-tech fabric,... More

"Top Grip"

CODE: A2004

$85.00   $50.00
Replacement grip pad for jackets. Comes in sheets 400x300

Baseball Cap - ahg 3210

CODE: A2008

Anschutz design Black/Grey/Blue with ahg Anschutz logo

Baseball Cap - JG Anschutz

CODE: A2009

Anschutz design Black/Grey/Blue with JG Anschutz logo

Anschutz Sight Set 7020

CODE: A2100

Complete Sight Set with: Rear Sight 7002 available in 10 or 20 clicks per revolution Front Sight CENTRA front sight, perspex insert - Anschutz no longer... More

Anschutz Sight Set 6834

CODE: A2101

Complete Sight Set with: Rear Sight 6805 - 10 clicks per revolution Front Sight  CENTRA front sight, perspex insert - Anschutz no longer supply... More

Front Sight Swing Plus 9757F

CODE: A2106

The novel design allows the sight to be turned around on its own axis without the need for tools. This model has the high sight block and is suitable for FWB... More