Anschutz Torque Wrench


Made for setting correct torque on action screws. Adjustable between 4 & 12Nm. Supplied with 4mm allen head fitting. 5mm also available on request.

Special Grease

CODE: A121

Anschutz special grease, 5g tube.

Kneeling Roll - No Fill

CODE: A122

No pressure points due to zip fasteners fitted on the end face Robust, user friendly carry strap - high quality workmanship

Uni Tool

CODE: A123

Four sided screw driver with four different heads, make travelling easy

Rubber Butt Plate 4709A

CODE: JG001468

Rubber butt plate 4709A is straight, comes with guide plate and fixing screws

Precise Hook Butt Plate

CODE: A130

The vertical & horizontal radius of the telescopic stop pins can be adjustade individually to the shoulder's size and form. The ball-headed pins make contact... More

Shooting Jacket - Standard Plus limited sizes in stock, please call to confirm

CODE: A2000

This Suede/Canvas combination jacket offers exceptional value. The left side is made of Amara for better adhesion to the non-slip rubber facing on the... More

Shooting Vest - Cold Winner


MEDIUM AN X-LARGER IN STOCK    Whether in cold at -27C or heat at +30C your temperature remains constant. Versatile, patented high-tech fabric,... More

"Top Grip"

CODE: A2004

$85.00   $50.00
Replacement grip pad for jackets. Comes in sheets 400x300

Baseball Cap - ahg 3210

CODE: A2008

Anschutz design Black/Grey/Blue with ahg Anschutz logo