Baseball Cap - JG Anschutz

CODE: A2009

Anschutz design Black/Grey/Blue with JG Anschutz logo

Anschutz Sight Set 7020

CODE: A2100

$795.00   $725.00
Complete Sight Set with: Rear Sight 7002 available in 10 or 20 clicks per revolution Front Sight CENTRA front sight, perspex insert - Anschutz no longer... More

Anschutz Sight Set 6834

CODE: A2101

$595.00   $545.00
Complete Sight Set with: Rear Sight 6805 - 10 clicks per revolution Front Sight  CENTRA front sight, perspex insert - Anschutz no longer supply... More

Anschutz Sight Set 6827

CODE: A2102

Rear sight unit for the Biathlon 1827F rifle. Unit comes snow flap and front sight tunnel inserts (front tunnel comes on the rifle)

Front Sight Swing Plus 9757F

CODE: A2106

The novel design allows the sight to be turned around on its own axis without the need for tools. This model has the high sight block and is suitable for FWB... More

Super Iris Front Sight 9736

CODE: A2107

The first aperture that allows canting at any time without any tool and within a few seconds. The sight is screwed into the front tunnel and secured with a... More

Super Iris Glass Aperture 9744

CODE: A2108

Adapts easily to varying light conditions due to 2.8mm - 4.8mm diameter range. This sight features an extremely wide adjustment range, based on the double... More

Super Point Front Sight

CODE: A2109

Front sight with bar and luminous point. The light is bundled in a fibreglass channel so the exact adjusted light is illuminated - fits straight into the... More

Centra Iris Front Sight Vario Swing

CODE: A2114

Simple setting of cant angles. M22 - 2.5 to 5.0

Spirit Level 9503

CODE: A2115

M18 - To reproduce same canting angle