Centra Iris Front Sight Vario Swing

CODE: A2114

Simple setting of cant angles. M22 - 2.5 to 5.0

Spirit Level 9503

CODE: A2115

M18 - To reproduce same canting angle

Spirit Level 6830


To reproduce same canting angle

Plastic Aperture Set

CODE: A2119

Set of 8 Pink Apertures for 22mm tunnel - 3.1/3.3/3.4/3.5/3.7/3.9/4.1/4.3mm

Sight Extension Raiser Blocks

CODE: A2123

Sight extension raiser blocks for benchrest shooting. Gives the combination of sight extension and the extra height to get your sights into the correct... More

Strasser Eye Shield

CODE: A2125

Eye shield - SMALL - attaches to the rear sight eye piece. Conforms to the DSB and ISSF rules. Available in Transparent and Black

Flip Up Iris

CODE: A2126

Flip Up Iris

Clip On Blinder

CODE: AHG9777-2

$50.00   $40.00
Flip up blinder with a rubberised clip for a secure non-slip clamp to fit most glasses frames Comes in Transparent

Magazine 1420-U5

CODE: jg001153

Anschutz 5 shot .22lr magazine - suits all .22lr Anschutz rifles

Magazine 1420-U13

CODE: JG001154

Anschutz 10 shot .22lr magazine - suits all .22lr Anschutz rifles