Strasser Eye Shield

CODE: A2125

Eye shield - SMALL - attaches to the rear sight eye piece. Conforms to the DSB and ISSF rules. Available in Transparent and Black
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Magazine 1420-U5

CODE: jg001153

Anschutz 5 shot .22lr magazine - suits all .22lr Anschutz rifles
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Magazine 1516-U4 .22 WMR

CODE: JG012960

Anschutz 4 shot .22mag magazine - suits all .22mag Anschutz rifles
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Magazine 1827-U22

CODE: A2304

Anschutz 5 shot .22lr magazine - suits all .22lr Anschutz biathlon rifles
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Anschutz Cleaning Kit

CODE: A2305

Cleaning wicks are pushed into the groves of the barrel and remove all powder and dirt. For all calibres, including air guns.
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Anschutz Cotton Wicks

CODE: A2306

Refill pack of ctton wicks for Cleaning kit above
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Anschutz Cleaning Rod Guide

CODE: A2307

For small bore target rifles, aligns the cleaning rod correctly
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VFG Cleaning Rod


.22 calibre one piece rod, 900mm in length.
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VFG Barrel Cleaner felts for Rifle .22

CODE: A2312

Felt cleaning pellets for .22 calibre rifles, box of 80. Suited for VFFG Cleaning Rods and adapters. (Note : these are not 'shoot... More
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VFG Barrel Felt Cleaners for Rifle


Super intensive felt cleaning pellets for .22 rifles, box of 80
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