Trigger Weights


TRIGGER WEIGHT TESTER   Consisting of 4 parts. Air pistol 500 g, standard pistol 1000 g and target pistol 1360 g can be checked with... More

Score Gauges MAGNIFIED

CODE: A2337

.22, .32 and .38 calibres. PLEASE SPECIFY CALIBRE

Pistol Test Box

CODE: A2338

Pistol test boxes come in 2 sizes - air pistol or sport pistol - pistols must confirm to certain sizes, these boxes are to ensure the pistols conform to ISSF...

Trigger Pressure Guage

CODE: A2339

For measuring the magnitude and constancy of the trigger resistance. All gauges are fittied with a weight pointer and a drag pointer which indicates ther... More

Anschutz Safety Look .22 .32 AND .177


Plastic cartridge with signel flag. This indicates there is no live cartridge left in the chamber and also prevents cooling of the rifle barrel.... More

Trigger Locks

CODE: A2349

Secure your firearm from unauthorised use, suitable for all firearms.

Pistol Pouch SMALL


New design - with memory foam and reinforced seam . Pistol pouches, comes in 3 different sizes depending on your pistol. Small: suitable for... More

Rifle Bag - Soft

CODE: A2353

Standard soft rifle bag, 48" for rifle with small scope or shotgun. No pocket does come with carry handles.

Plano ProMax Single Case

CODE: A2354

The ProMax single rifle case, takes a scoped rifle and uses the patented PillarLock system which adds superior crush resistant strength to each case.... More

Anschutz Sport Bag - Big

CODE: A2357

The bag opens up in the middle, on one side you have a big compartment which is zipped off from the other half of the case, in here you can keep your... More