Feinwerkbau P40 Front Sight

CODE: A2330

The Korn P40 front sight comes in Red The front sight allows for more contrast between the front sight and the target.

Pellet Box

CODE: A2331

Instead of having your pellets banging around in a half full tin, you can now tip them into the "Pellet Box" and have them individually packed, where they... More

Safety Box

CODE: A2332

$10.00   $8.50
Safety-Box for pellet tins. To avoid that wonderful experience of extracting a nearly full tin of pellets that have distributed themselves throughout... More

.22 Ammo Box

CODE: A2333

The .22 ammunition box has been designed to facilitate easy removal of ammo for both pistol and rifle shooting. It is especially good in cooler temperatures... More

.32/.38 Ammo Box

CODE: A2334

The .32 &.38 ammunition boxes has been designed to facilitate easy removal of ammo in pistol shooting. They keep the loaded ammo in a tidy sorted manner once... More

Rifle Ammo Box

CODE: A2335

The cemtrefire rifle ammunition boxes have been designed to facilitate easy removal of ammo in rifle shooting. They come in 3 sizes suitable for calibres... More

Score Gauges

CODE: A2337

Gauges come in .177 Inward, .177 Outward, .22, .32 and .38 calibres. They are sold separately and can come with or without a magnifier attached.

Anschutz Safety Look .22 .32 AND .177


Plastic cartridge with signel flag. This indicates there is no live cartridge left in the chamber and also prevents cooling of the rifle barrel.... More

Air Rifle Cylinder Wrap

CODE: A2347

The cylinder wrap protects the compressed air cylinder in transport. Can be use to protect cylinders 36cm to 57cm in length and protects the cylinder from... More

Bolt Protector

CODE: A2348

The bolt protector protects the bolt in transport. Made of special plastic with an aluminum cap for eas cleaning of the protector. Suits Anschutz models... More