Steyr Compensator

CODE: A100

Steyr .177 air rifle compensator - to help reduce the already low recoil

Handstop 6226-1

CODE: A101

Anschutz Handstop with detachable sling loop. Fits Anschutz, Diana, Feinwerkbau & Steyr

Handstop 4738-U2

CODE: A104

Biathlon handstop with clamping for target sling.

Handstop 6225

CODE: A105

Small handstop with sling swivel, 28mm dia, the sling swivel is detachable and can remain on the sling.

Shooting Sling - Swing


Easy adjustment of the length with one hand while in prone or kneeling position, without leaving the position Automatic axial adjustment of the front... More

Mechanical Trigger Shoe Sensor

CODE: A110

The requirement to use this trigger shoe is a directly set (no first stage) setup.Direct adjustment can gain valuable time when pulling the trigger. The... More

Bench Rest Wedge


Beech hardwood wedge, fits Anschutz and FWB rifles with a sloping forend. Just push it into the aluminium slide rail and screw tight - great way to start... More

Universal Tripod


The universal tripod can be used for a rifle rest, complete with ammo holder or used for a spotting scope tripod suitavle for 3P. Come in a carry case.

Bleed Valve

CODE: A117

Bleed Valve for emptying air from Anschutz Air Rifle Cylinders.

Special Grease

CODE: A121

Anschutz special grease, 5g tube.