Miscellaneous Accessories

High Pressure Electric Pump

CODE: A2326

Latest 4th generation Electric compressor.   Fills a standard Steyr or Morini full length cylinder to 200 BAR under 60 seconds.... More

High Pressure Hand Pump - WITH DRY PACK


$465.00   $349.00
Latest 4th Generation Design features. 1. Less Effort, we have made the MK4 pump even easier to pump. 2. High Volume, we have kept the... More

Pot Shot Bore Light Tubes

CODE: A2358

After years of cursing bore lights with flat batteries in our shop we decided to make our own tubes that relied on ambient light. Using natural or... More

Flip Up Occluder Blinder

CODE: AHG9777-2

$50.00   $40.00
Flip Up Occluder for non shooting eye. Either opaque or dark grey   Please specify colour Clips over normal glasses. More