.22 Pellets

JSB Exact Jumbo RS .22

CODE: J546207-500

The lightest weight domed pallet we produce. The RS stands for "Rapid Speed" because the velocity is much higher than with the regular pallets. Weight 0.870g or 13.4 grains


CODE: jsbhades22


Slightly lightened so therefore faster. Designed for optimum performance in the latest air rifles. Weight 0.930g or 14.35 grains

JSB Exact Jumbo .22

CODE: J546247-500


The Exact pellet in .22. Very popular general purpose pellet Weight 1.030g or 15.89 grains

JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy .22

CODE: J546287-500


The heavy version of the Exact pellet. Very popular general purpose pellet Weight 1.175g or 18.13 grains

JSB Exact Jumbo Monster .22

CODE: J546288-200

Weight has been chosen to suit most powerful air rifles on the market. Weight 1.64g or 25.4 grains

JSB .22 test pack 350

CODE: J2004-350


Samples of the range of the JSB .22 Exact pellets. (30 pellet of each)

7 x 30 per tin