.22 Pellets

JSB Exact Jumbo Express .22

CODE: J546277-500


Slightly lightened so therefore faster. Designed for optimum performance in the latest air rifles. Weight 0.930g or 14.35 grains

JSB Exact Jumbo .22

CODE: J546247-500


The Exact pellet in .22. Very popular general purpose pellet Weight 1.030g or 15.89 grains

JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy .22

CODE: J546287-500


The heavy version of the Exact pellet. Very popular general purpose pellet Weight 1.175g or 18.13 grains

JSB Jumbo Match .22

CODE: J546250-300

Quality pellet for the increasingly popular the .22 target shooter. Weight 0.890g or 13.7 grains

JSB .22 test pack 350

CODE: J2004-350


Samples of the range of the JSB .22 Exact pellets. (30 pellet of each)

7 x 30 per tin