Firearm Purchasing Requirements

Laws in all states of Australia are very clear. An appropriate firearms licence covering the category of firearm (longarm or pistol) must be held by the purchaser.

Additionally, a current "PERMIT TO PURCHASE" must have been issued by the state Police Firearms Registry in the state you live.

ALL interstate purchases MUST be handled through a firearms dealer in YOUR state.

QLD and VIC customer may collect their purchase once they have their Permit to Acquire, from our Potter Firearms stores in their state.

Potter Firearms VIC store will accept NSW permits, if the purchaser presents in person to collect their firearm.
(All interstate sales from QLD must have the firearms sent by registered post to a dealer in your state.)

The overriding consideration when buying a firearm is NO PERMIT - NO FIREARM.  

We are happy to refund monies in full if a permit has not been or can not be issued.

Dealers License Numbers:
Victoria :  42609590F
Queensland : 50001457-00