Legal Requirements

 Within Australia

1. We can only sell firearms to licensed shooters. This includes airguns. 

2. Queensland and Victorian customers must supply a Permit to Acquire for each firearm. On receipt of the original copy we can legally forward the firearm by registered post.

3. Interstate customers will need to use a local dealer as agent to receive the firearm. We can only send guns interstate to another dealer - this is the law. If we have never dealt with your dealer please ask him to fax his licence and details to 03 58 221976.



1. All firearms for export must be approved by the Australian Defence Department. We apply for an export permit including the buyer's name and address. Cursory checks are done through Interpol, and the permit is generally provided in up to 4 weeks.

2. If an import permit is require to receive the firearm into your country then we must have a copy of the approved import permit before we can apply for our export papers - this does make getting our export papers quicker.

3. It is the responsibility of the buyer to comply with his local legal requirements. We will make all efforts to ensure correct paperwork will give minimal delays through Customs but we WILL NOT falsify declarations. For further information on export see our page on Notes for Overseas Customers or email us direct.


Live Ammunition

We can only sell ammunition to licensed shooters. Mail order customers who we have not previously dealt with us should fax a copy of their licence to 03 58 221976

Obviously for live ammo, we can only send by rail or road transport and the transport is to be arrange by the purchaser.