AIR CHRONY - World class Chronograph for small calibres

This device has been designed to measure speed and kinetic energy of the bullets fired from airguns only.Do not use the Air Chrony with any other kind of firearms!

Speed measurement range: 2 – 2 000 m/s Measurement error: < 0.14 m/s

Bullet weight range: 0.01 – 65 g

Dimensions: 130 x 69 x 83 mm, weight 670 g Power supply: 5V DC / 3x AAA alkaline battery Operating time from battery: approx. 7 hours Current consumption with backlight: cca 100 mA



Internal power independent memory. Measurements export to the PC via USB port.

Air-Chrony takes measurements under different lighting conditions, even in the darkness, thanks to the built-in Infra-Red Diodes. Make sure that measurement accuracy is not affected by interference from any external source of strong light, like direct sunshine, IR or UV lamps, for instance.

Chronograph The Air Chrony MK 3
AIR CHRONY - World class Chronograph for small calibres CONTENT OF PACKAGE 1x Air Chrony Standalone MK3, 1x Functions Diagram... More