Chronograph The Air Chrony MK 3

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AIR CHRONY - World class Chronograph for small calibres


1x Air Chrony Standalone MK3, 1x Functions Diagram

Insert three alkaline batteries (size AAA) to the battery compartment or plug in the external power supply (sales separately). Put your Air Chrony on the table or another appropriate surface or fix it to the tripod. Turn on the power using the main switch. Place your weapon in front of Air Chrony and aim symmetrically through the measurement gate, collinearly to all gate sides. Take a shot. Air Chrony will record and display bullet speed and energy [screen 1]. This information remains displayed until the next shot is taken.


When powered up, Air Chrony shows [screen 1] on its display and is ready to take measurements. Operational memory is empty and shots counter is set to 0.
Air Chrony calculates bullet energy from the recorded speed and given bullet weight. Proper bullet weight can be set using function on [screen 2]. After taking some shots, different statistical information can be displayed. Please do refer FUNCTIONS DIAGRAM on the opposite side of this paper to find how to select desirable function.

When you turn power off, data from operational memory disappears. If you wish to use measured data later, for instance to evaluate it at home or to export it to the PC, you have to save data to the internal memory – see functions on [screen 7]. Data from the internal memory can be downloaded to the PC via USB port.
We recommend genuine 
Air Chrony software for downloading data from this chronograph to the PC.


To enter the Settings mode press and hold both S1 and S2 buttons then switch power on. The first screen lets you choose the language. Depending on the current setting, the “language” setting may be shown on display as: Jazyk, Språk, etc. Please do refer FUNCTIONS DIAGRAM on the opposite side of this paper to find how
to choose the appropriate setting. By pressing S3 you can return to Measurement mode.

Note please that firmware can be upgraded to the latest version by user. To upgrade the firmware you need to connect your Air Chrony via USB port to the PC. To obtain latest firmware and to get instructions how to upgrade it please visit manufacturers home page: www.air-chrony.com