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Handstop 6226-1

CODE: A101

Anschutz Handstop with detachable sling loop. Fits Anschutz, Diana, Feinwerkbau & Steyr
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Handstop 4751

CODE: A102

Handstop with sling swivel. Ergonomically designed. Great value
1 item(s)

Handstop 4738-U2

CODE: A104

Biathlon handstop with clamping for target sling.
1 item(s)

Handstop 6225

CODE: A105

Small handstop with sling swivel, 28mm dia, the sling swivel is detachable and can remain on the sling.
4 item(s)

Shooting Sling - Professional

CODE: A107

Synthetic material - Black Swivel metal clip Variable adjustment of the arm loop For right and left hand shooters Narrow distance of holes for exact adjustment
1 item(s)

Shooting Sling - Swing


Easy adjustment of the length with one hand while in prone or kneeling position, without leaving the position Automatic axial adjustment of the front...
1 item(s)

Mechanical Trigger Shoe Sensor

CODE: A110

The requirement to use this trigger shoe is a directly set (no first stage) setup.Direct adjustment can gain valuable time when pulling the trigger. The...
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Universal Tripod


The universal tripod can be used for a rifle rest, complete with ammo holder or used for a spotting scope tripod suitavle for 3P. Come in a carry case.
2 item(s)

Bleed Valve

CODE: A117

Bleed Valve for emptying air from Anschutz Air Rifle Cylinders.
1 item(s)

Anschutz Torque Wrench


Made for setting correct torque on action screws. Adjustable between 4 & 12Nm. Supplied with 4mm allen head fitting. 5mm also available on request.
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  • 4mm 
  • 5mm 
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