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"Top Grip"

CODE: A2004

$85.00   $50.00
Replacement grip pad for jackets. Comes in sheets 400x300

.22 Ammo Box

CODE: A2333

The .22 ammunition box has been designed to facilitate easy removal of ammo for both pistol and rifle shooting. It is especially good in cooler temperatures... More

.32/.38 Ammo Box

CODE: A2334

The .32 &.38 ammunition boxes has been designed to facilitate easy removal of ammo in pistol shooting. They keep the loaded ammo in a tidy sorted manner once... More

1827 F -U22/1 magazine 5 shot .22LR

CODE: 001159

Magazine 1827-U22/1, 5-shot .22 l.r., for Biathlon Lefthand Stocks Item No.: 001159 More

1827 F 4750 biathlon barrel weight 100g

CODE: 008440

Barrel weight Biathlon 1827F-4750 two part, inner diam 15-18 mm, 100 g Item No.: 008440 More

1827 F extra cartridge spender for 6 cartridges

CODE: 008442

Extra cartridge spender 1827F-45 for 6 cartridges Item No.: 008442 More

1827 F Rear sight extension

CODE: 08441

Rear sight extension 1827F-55 Rear sight extension for eyeshade 1827F-55 Item No.: 008441 More

1903 Target small bore rifle
Small bore model 1903 - match rifle The ANSCHÜTZ small bore match rifle model 1903 is a match rifle for all small bore shooters. It is often used... More