Laser Power II Biathlon Set

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LaserPower Shooting has become extraordinarily popular. Be it for training or for promotional or biathlon events of all kinds – the LaserPower rifle has a large number of fans.
ANSCHÜTZ kept developing the LaserPower rifle from the very beginning and now with the LaserPower II Profiset offers some functional and technological improvements. The new "LaserPower II Profiset" generation is now delivered with the following features:

  • LaserPower rifle II, version 2.8
  • Sight raiser block
  • LaserPower sight set
  • 5-panel biathlon target, version 2.8 with improved targets
  • Mains adapter 6V
  • Remote control
  • PC interface cable RS-485
  • Spacer 4709P
  • Panel reducer
  • Tool kit
  • 2 batteries AA
  • Manual

Please note that the old (up to version 1.9) and new targets (from version 2.1 on) are not compatible. This is why it is not possible to shoot at targets of the LaserPower II version with LaserPower I rifles because the new LaserPower II target box does not react on the laser beam of version I. LaserPower II rifles have a coded laser. It is decoded from the referring LaserPower II target and thus can be evaluated as hit. With this feature the new targets are absolutely flashlight and sunshine proof.
The current Dualus cable cannot be used anymore for the LaserPower II version. It is only suitable to be used for LaserPower I and targets of the version 1.5.

The LaserPower will be delivered with a sportive hardwood stock with the writing “ANSCHÜTZ LaserPower“.