ANSCHUTZ 1927 F *** NEW ***

CODE: 1927

Price: $4,750.00

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Mod. 1927, cal. .22 l.r.


Barreled action:

• Barreled action 1927, similar to biathlon

barreled action1827 F.

• Extremely short lock time.

• Very smooth straight pull action repeater.

• Adjustable target two stage trigger,

is set to 1.21 lbs in the factory.

Walnut stock:

• Stippled checkering at pistol grip.

• Wide, ergonomical designed fore-end.

• Special developed magazine with integrated palm rest.

• Various adjustable butt plate and cheek piece.


Aluminum butt plate 4759.


Cheek piece.


Straight pull repeater.


Prism rails for mounting a sight set.


Precision target barrel.


CENTRA front sight M18.


Walnut stock.


Stippled checkering.


Two stage trigger 5020,

range of adjustment 0.19 - 1.43 lbs. 

10-shot magazine with integrated

palm rest, easy to exchange.


Wide, ergonomicaly designed fore-end with

integrated aluminum grooved rail.


Adjustable carrier.


Model 1927 in caliber .22 l.r.


Picture with sight set 6834.  SIGHTS NOT INCLUDED



The straight pull repeater action can easily be operated with

the index finger to open it for reloading. The action is closed

again with the thumb. The shooter reloads the rifle with just one

movement of the wrist. The hand operating the trigger will

remain at the grip and even the elbow does not have to move.