New Morini Pistols

We are proud to be the exclusive agents for the MORINI range of  pistols.  https://youtu.be/r-au0cdrYmw   Be aware that there are dubious or "grey" imports of some brands of firearms, including MORINI pistols. Any statement about " Factory warranty" is a false and misleading claim- No warranty claim can be made with Potter Firearms - the sole agent in  Australia, nor the MORINI factory - any claim lays with the source ( unknown) of the purchase, somewhere in Europe.


If you are about to purchase a MORINI product, and are unsure if it has been imported through proper channels, ring us on 1300 22 38 45 and we can check straight away.  DON'T BE FOOLED !!!!


Only MORINI  firearms imported through the Potter Firearms Group are covered by a factory backed warranty. Don't be caught out, take a moment to check first.

Morini CM 200 EI

CODE: p20


Caliber 4.5 mm / .177

Morini CM200 EI  the most technically advanced Morini Air Pistol every made.



Ported barrel carbon wrapped- the famous Morini electronic trigger


More details as the come to hand

Pre order with pre payment for a substantial discount

Morini CM 162EI

CODE: p21


Caliber 4.5 mm / .177

What is now produced by all big pistol manufacturer and every year more used by the best shooters

comes from a project presented for the first time worldwide in 1992 by Morini Competition Arm S.A.

The use of compressed air, electronic trigger, ball bearing trigger unit.

The excellent result shown at Olympic Games, World Cups, National, European and World Championships are a proof of a good project and a good gun.

Morini CM 162EI Short

CODE: p22


Caliber 4.5 mm / .177

Same as CM 162EI but 370 mm long and the same sight radius.

Morini CM 162MI

CODE: p23


Caliber 4.5 mm / .177

Same as CM 162EI but incorporating a mechanical trigger unit

Morini CM 162MI Short

CODE: p24


Caliber 4.5 mm / .177

Same as CM 162MI but 370 mm long and the same sight radius

Morini CM 84E

CODE: p25


Caliber .22 l.r.

This free pistol has been produced as a result of further design improvements in the medal winning Morini pistols at Olympic and international competitions.

Fitted with a single stage electronic trigger as standard it also employs a light sensitive safety that eliminates accidental discharge unless the trigger finger is in position

NEW Morini CM 84E Carbon

CODE: p26


Caliber .22 l.r.

The latest evolution of the world famous 50m pistol.


Morini CM 22M RF

CODE: p28


Caliber .22 l.r.

Same as CM 22M but with slide and hammer lighter for rapid fire and aluminum frame

Morini CM 22M

CODE: p29


Caliber .22 l.r.

Same as CM 22M RF-Alu but with steel trigger unit