Morini CM 162El Titanium The finest Morini air pistol made

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The famous CM 162EI but in Titanium color and titanium made hammer for faster valve opening and reduced recoil.

Shoot the Air Pistol used by Australian Olympian Dan REPACHOLI !

Delivered with 2 air cylinder equipped with digital manometer.


4.5 mm / .177

1020 g

Dimension (L/H/W)
410/140/50 mm

Lenght of Sight Line
310 - 360 mm

Barrell Length
240 mm


First stage weight
300 - 700 g

Second stage weight
50 - 300 g

Battery Voltage
2 x 1.5V

Battery Life
15000 Sh.

Front sight
4.0/4.5/5.0/5.5/6.0 mm

Shots with 200 Bar
220 ca.