New Steyr Pistols

The new Steyr EVO 10 and EVO10E air pistols in stock !! for immediate delivery !!!!

New EVO 10 YouTube Video here.



“Claims of Full Factory Warranty for the products of STEYR SPORT GmbH by other dealers are FALSE  -  The only Australian Dealer who has the permission to do service and give warranty in the name of our company is Potter Firearms. The Managers of Potter Firearms were in Austria and undertook training to repair and service the air pistols and air rifles of STEYR SPORT."  Karl Egger  CEO  Steyr Sport

We are proud to be the exclusive agents for the Steyr Sport range of Air pistols. Be aware that there are dubious or "grey" imports of some brands of firearms, including Steyr Air pistols. These people claim "ALL OUR STEYR PISTOLS & PRODUCTS ARE OFFICIALLY BACKED UP BY STEYR FACTORY WARRANTY"  this is a false and misleading claim- No warranty claim can be made with Potter Firearms - the sole agent in  Australia, nor the STEYR factory - any claim lies with the source ( unknown) of the purchase, somewhere in Europe.

If you are about to purchase a Steyr product, and are unsure if it has been imported through proper channels, ring us on 1300 22 38 45 and we can check straight away. Don't be told otherwise!

Only Steyr Sportswaffen firearms imported through the Potter Firearms Group are covered by a factory backed warranty. Don't be caught out, take a moment to check first.