Steyr LG 110 Bench Rest / Bench Rest Connect

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Price: $3,650.00

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Available with interchangeable transfer port     Shoot 16 joule and 7.5 Joule match - Change in under 5 minutes !!!

Special disciplines, special requirements: We have modified our LG 110 for our bench rest shooters to meet their special needs. A longer housing with a new fore arm allows more space to place the rifle on the rest.  The cheek piece - also elongated - and the newly developed rear sight extension makes individual adjustments possible! The legendary lateral stock adjustment and a longer compressed air cylinder make the top model just perfect!

These differences are what give you more 10’s:

Note - All Steyr Rifles are designed for 200 bar refills. Filling from 300 bar tanks will void the Steyr Warranty.

  • Special longer stock (by 15 cm) and fore arm
  • Revolutionary lateral stock adjustment
  • Elongated adjustable cheek piece
  • Vibration-free system
  • Mainenance-free STEYR stabilizer eliminates recoil
  • Longer compressed air cylinder: min. 500 shots
  • Dry fire training shots without any tools
  • Multidirectional adjustment of the grip
  • Single or two stage ball bearing trigger adjusted within seconds
  • Comes complete with weights for the barrel and stock and a rear sight extension
  • CONNECT: quick take down buttstock
  • Supplied with one standard cylinder. 'Quick Fill' Cylinder available as optional extra.