Steyr LG 110 High Power Hunting .177 or .22

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Please review the Requirements for Purchasing Firearms under FAQ.

Please note:  Rifle shown with scope and weaver rail.  These are optional extras and NOT included.

The LG 110 HP HUNTING is a combination of maximum shot capacity, lowest ammunition costs and highest safety! With a possible energy of up to 40 Joules and .22 calibre, this rifle is as accurate as a small bore rifle at shorter distances and has much less muzzle noise – especially important near inhabited areas. 

The HP HUNTING is utilised to control vermin and predatory animals which could bring native wildlife closer to extinction. It's also excellent for a hunters' training.

These differences are what give you more 10’s:

  • Bounce-free system due to compressed air propellant
  • Safety first: cannot be fired unless action is completely closed
  • Single or two stage ball bearing trigger adjusted within seconds
  • Totally nickel-plated barrel and anodized aluminium parts against corrosion
  • In hunting-black against reflexion
  • Available calibres .177 and .22 
  • Supplied with one standard cylinder. 'Quick Fill' Cylinder available as optional extra.

Note - All Steyr Rifles are designed for 200 bar refills. Filling from 300 bar tanks will void the Steyr Warranty.

Scope / Sights are not included in price.