Pardini Target Pistols

Pardini Arms develop and specialise in a range of sports firearms used in many international competitions including the ISSF World Championships and Olympic Shooting events. The company was founded in the beginning of the 1980s by Giampiero Pardini, one of the most prominent marksmen in Italian target-shooting.

Potter Target Firearms are happy to help Australian shooters make the best choice for their shooting needs - Pardini firearms and accessories included.


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Pardini SP
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Pardini SP  Semiautomatic pistol for standard pistol discipline in  cal. 22LR.  5 shot capacity magazine. Bolt in special steel.... More

Pardini SP RapidFire
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Pardini SP RF Semiautomatic pistol for Standard Pistol and Rapid Fire disciplines in  cal. 22LR.  5 shot capacity magazine. Bolt in... More

Pardini HP (.32 S&W)
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Pardini HP  Semiautomatic in 32S&W. 5 shots capacity  magazine . Bolt in special steel. Trigger mechanism and sights are... More