Pardini SP

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Pardini SP 
Semiautomatic pistol for standard pistol discipline in 
cal. 22LR.  5 shot capacity magazine. Bolt in special steel. Trigger mechanism and sights are adjustable and changeable. Anatomical grip in walnut, available in various adjustable sizes. Suitable for all shooters thanks to its versatile adjustable trigger mechanism and multi-function counterweight system with 6 weights.

Caliber:          .22 LR
Height:           140 mm
Width:            49 mm
Overall Length:   295 mm
Total Weight:     1200/1150 g
Action:           Semiautomatic
Barrel Length:    120 mm
Barrel Rifling:   6D X 450 mm
Sight Radius:     220 mm
Adjustment Click: 5 mm