BM500 MK II .177 Benchrest Air Rifle

Price: $3,450.00

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Bench Model Air Rifle for the serious competitor 

Rapid Air Weapons BM500 has been made specifically for Bench Rest. 

A precision piece of engineering is how the BM500 has been described by those who have held one. 

500 cc's of air supplied through the well proven Quick Fill system incorporating a gauge and regulated for ultimate accuracy, the laminate ambidextrous stock machined entirely on our CNC machines has the maximum allowable width for perfect stability and parallel to the butt, available with Lothar Walther barrel (.177,.20,22 & .25 Cal) or Polygon barrel

All Aluminum parts are coated for protection, Lothar Walther barrels are fitted with a stainless steel ported shroud which has been precisionaly fixed to the barrel to increase rigidity and leave a cosmetic finish that compliments the final product, Benchmark barrels are made from 3/4" (19mm) Stainless Steel for even greater stability. 

The stock is made from black laminate for the heavy classes, all internal components are hand finished, hammer and trigger parts are hardened and polished for extra smoothness in reloading as well as making for a cleaner firing cycle, the sidelever linkage and bolt have been hardened ready for a lifetime of work. 

High velocity 
Stainless Steel Ported shroud 
Match Trigger 
Laminate stock 
Match Grade Barrel 
Right or left handed action 
length 43 inches 
weight 10.5lbs 
Quick Fill 
Dovetail Scope Rail
Full 3” wide platform stock 
Sidelever Action