Match air pistol PA10-2 ECO


Price: $2,175.00

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The compensator of PA10-2 ECO leads from the passing on Diabolo air via a stainless steel sleeve in opposition to the weft direction. The redirected air to stabilize the gun in a vertical direction and laufachsialer used. In addition, the barrel is provided with two gas discharge holes, which affect the flow characteristics of the air after leaving the barrel positive.  
Clamping & Shop  
The clamping and charging is controlled in PA10-2 row over a stainless steel lever operable from both sides. The Diabolo is positioned by means of a charging pin repeatable over.  
In order to adjust the sights of PA10-2 quickly to different lighting conditions, it comes with a fully adjustable in width rear sight  
200bar / 300bar compressed air technology  
The 300bar Fülldrucktechnologie usual for TESRO pneumatic weapon the shooter is well equipped and each of the common blending modes for 200bar or 300bar cartridges use directly.  
3D - shape handle  

By the versatile adjustable 3D grip an optimum adaptation of the line of sight is possible on the attitude of the shooter. The shooter stand The handle sizes SML in law, as well as a handle of size M in links to choose from.

Technical Specifications
Total weight : 950g - 970g
Dimensions L / W / H : 404mm / 50mm / 134mm
Sight radius : 346mm / 364mm
Backsight : 3.0 mm - 5.5 mm
Yardage : 235mm
Trigger weight : 500g
Caliber : 4.5mm (0.177)
Highlights of the ECO series
Two gas relief holes in the running
Infinitely adjustable rear sight width
Generous comfort Breech
Ambidextrous cocking lever
200bar / 300bar compressed air technology
Precise adjustable two-stage trigger
3D shape handle
Incl. Gun Case
Adjustable to Trockentraining