Tesro Gold Introductory package - includes tin clip - pellet box - 500 match pellets - tools - case !

CODE: TesroGold

Price: $2,475.00

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The Tesro Gold is exclusive to Australia through the Australian importer and Tesro agents - Potter Firearms.

The Tesro Gold is equipped with a continuously adjustable rear sight. The sight width adjustments are very easily performed in order to adapt to different lighting conditions.

The cocking and loading is handled with a double sided stainless steel cocking lever. The pellet is always positioned in exact position in the barrel by the cocking pin.

Due to its versatile adjustments, the 3D grip enables the shooter for best possible position of the pistol‘s line of sight. The grip is available in sizes S-M-L for right handed, as well as size M for left handed shooting.

The barrel is equipped with two gas release holes, which help reduce any recoil of the pistol.

The shot development time of the Tesro Gold is very short, due to very close proximity of the pressure regulator to the barrel.

The TESRO Gold is equipped with these standard features:

  • Adjustable 3D-Grip (Adj palm shelf + grip rake / tilt).
  • Compensator.
  • Two gas release holes in the barrel.
  • Continuously adjustable rear sight width.
  • Large loading breach.
  • Cocking lever usable from both sides.
  • 200bar / 300bar pressure technology.
  • Precisely adjustable pressure point trigger.
  • Incl. basic guncase.
  • Easily able to be dry fired.