Tesro PA10-2 Signum Match Air Pistol


Price: $2,875.00

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The TESRO PA10-2 Signum is equipped with these standard features:

  • adjustable 3D-Grip
  • repeatable adjustable sight length
  • continuously adjustable rear sight
  • precisely adjustable pressure point trigger
  • hand sharpened sears
  • setable to dry firing
  • 200bar/300bar air pressure technology
  • compensator with inserted separator
  • radial relieved precision-barrel
  • two gas-release holes in the barrel
  • incl. form fitted guncase
  • large loading breach
  • cocking lever usable from both sides

The barrel of the PA10-2 Signum has a machined area on the outer surface, which provides an enhancement of the acceleration of the pellet. This effect will reduce the required energy per shot and increase the balance of the pistol.

All TESRO air pistols of the PA10-2 series are equipped with the precision trigger. Because of the hand sharpened sears, a precise and clean release of the shot can be assured.

The PA10-2 Signum is equipped with a compensator with a specially inserted stainless steel diffusor. It ensures an efficient diversion of the air away from the pellet.

The optional weight bar can be equipped with additional movable weights in order to adjust the balance of the weapon to the corresponding shooter.

With the PA10-2 Signum TESRO offers the first time a match air pistol that is equipped with a barrel sleeve and combines all advantages of previous models in this new premium version. With the Signum variant, the shooter has a choice of the colour of the system.