TESRO TS32-3 .32 SA Target Pistol


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TESRO   TS32-3 http:// http://www.tesro.de/pdf/bed-tse.pdf

Aluminum housing  
All housing parts and the running of the holder TS32-3 are milled from a high strength aluminum alloy and then finished with a high-strength anodized. This ensures a high load capacity of the components is achieved.  
Rear sight block  
The rear sight block can be adjusted very precisely by the fine thread spindles used. To adapt to different lighting conditions, the rear sight can be replaced by loosening one screw.  
The ergonomic grip of TS32-3 enables the shooter rotation of the line of sight in order to achieve an accurate adaptation of the weapon to the individual needs of the shooter.  
Conversion Kit  
Owner of a TS22-3 have the option to change by an optional kit ,  the caliber of their TS22-3 .22 lr in .32 S & W.  
Technical Specifications
Total weight : 980g (TS22-3) / 1060g (TS32-3)
Dimensions L / W / H : 298mm / 50mm / 138mm
Sight radius : 220mm
Backsight : 3.8mm / 4.2mm
Barrel Length : 113mm
Trigger weight : 1000g
Caliber : .22 Lr / .32 S & W
Highlights of TS32-3
Lightweight aluminum construction
Low-lying barrel axis
Two pages turning grain
Removable hood block
Caliber change possible
Lockable Gun Case
Pivoting grip