Thomas Rink Grips


Anatomical Grips for Air, Standard/Sport and Free Pistols

Rink Grips - Made for target shooters, by target shooters.


Anatomical grips for air, sport and free pistols have been Rinks field of expertise for 15 years.

With their extensive know how and the latest manufacturing standards, Rink delivers to customers around the world.

Rink grips are custom made to order, please take the time to read the following information on how to select the right options when ordering your grip.

Download our order form for Rinks Grips.

Explanation of the grip parameters


XXL*for 105mm-
XL*for 100mm-
Lfor 95mm-
Mfor 90mm-
Sfor 85mm-
XS*for 80mm-
XXS*for 75mm-
hand width, measured across the knuckles, without the thumb.

*= not for every pistol
sketch hand width


All grips are available for right or left handed shooters. 
(wihout extra charge)


To fill the hand completely, we offer:
convex form flat form
convex flat
palm area
for a "normal" men's hand for short or big hand




The lateral grip angle of the 0° version of our grips is calculated so that the shooter can reach behind the pistol, with barrel axis and forearm forming a line.
0 degree 7 degree
0 degree 7 degree
lateral turning
For right-handed shooters aiming with the left eye, or for shooters who have steady a left angled front sight, all grips are also available in a versionturned 7° around the grip axis towards the trigger finger. 
This turning is also beneficial for shooters with short fingers.




For shooters with overlong hands, our grips are also available with athicker volume. With it, the lay of the hand is 5 millimeter at the back, so that the trigger finger doesn't reach to far into the trigger area.
normal thick
normal thick
As "overlong" we call hands where the center finger is longer than the widht of the hand: sketch finger length


To order a grip, please download our order form and fax it back to us.

Rink grips generally take 5-6 weeks to be manufactured and supplied from Europe.

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