Specialising in the supply of ISSF Target Pistols, Rifles & Accessories.

Specialising in the supply of ISSF Target Pistols, Rifles & Accessories.

Eigenbrod 25m Turning Target System – available on order

Eigenbrod 25m Turning Target System – special order


TP 2 – Target system for 25 m
Simply the best turning target system available.

In static or movable configuration constructed for shooting with Olympic rapid fire pistols, sports pistols and standard pistols, compliant in all aspects with Pistol Australia and ISSF regulations.
The pistol shooting range system consists of 5 rotary panels powered by a 400V, 0.37kW three-phase motor with fitted electric brake.
The torque generated by the geared motor is transferred by an eccentric crank to the driving rod.
This produces precise, jolt-free rotation of the panels within the internationally permitted transit time of 0.2 seconds.
The system gets switched off in each position via non-contact pulse generators.
The target panels, made of rigid foam, are held at the bottom centre in a special aluminium bracket in such a way that they cannot shake.
The target rotator system is made of high quality duralumin and therefore absolutely weatherproof and maintenance free.
The system is supplied as standard with the TP2 control unit.
This system’s equipment and the way it works are identical to the stationary system.
In this configuration, however, the system runs on two tracks.
Powered by a geared motor, it is pulled by a cable at two speeds over the 25-metre distance.
In each end position the system is switched off by noncontact pulse generators.
Electric current for the rotary drive / control line is transferred via a drive-in connector mounted at the 25-metre stop point.
In order to enable firing from different distances, the system can be stopped at any point along the 25-metre track.
In this configuration the electric current for the rotary drive and control line is carried along contact rails / a cable chain.
The contact rails / cable chain are covered with bulletproof material and the shooting range system fitted with a ballistic screen.