Specialising in the supply of ISSF Target Pistols, Rifles & Accessories.

Specialising in the supply of ISSF Target Pistols, Rifles & Accessories.

Welcome to Potter Target Firearms – potfire@icloud.com

We are the Australian distributors of the Anschutz target range of firearms and accessories,
Morini target pistols, Steyr Target Air Pistols and Rifles, Champion Shooting Glasses,
JSB target and hunting pellets, Rink target grips, and much more…

Easy to remember phone number – 1300 22 38 45 – just remember the calibers !

Please note our new Email Address – potfire@icloud.com

Potter Firearms are proud to be sponsors of Australian pistol shooters -Daniel Repacholi, Sascha Kroopin & Sergi Evgelevski, and wish them all the very best on their journey towards Olympic selection – paris 2024

Potter Target Firearms

ABN 69 094 055 277

Specialising in the supply of ISSF Target Pistols, Rifles & Accessories. Australia Wide

Tel: Holbrook (NSW) 1300 22 38 45

Customer Service

March 11, 2020

“I contacted Potter Firearms regarding a replacement printed circuit board (pcb) for the electronic trigger of my Morini air pistol. Rather than immediately jumping at an opportunity to sell me this expensive part (they had it in stock ready to be sold), they told me what to do in an attempt to fix my broken pcb. I followed the instructions, fixed the trigger and saved myself several hundred dollars. Potter Firearms could have made a nice sale, but instead they chose to provide their customer with free advice, thus losing the sale. This is extremely rare in today’s world. Whilst Potter Firearms have not earned my business on this occasion, they will earn my business and the business of my friends in the future. What a great company!!!

John Wieczorek”



October 19, 2018

Big thank you to Potter Firearms for their recent support, very much appreciated. I couldn’t have asked for better after sales service and support. Good after sales service is something that is lacking in the Australian retail environment, with warranty claims being nothing but a battle with retailers. Not the case with Potter Firearms, nothing short of outstanding service, an exemplar the retail industry should be emulating.

Well done Potter Firearms.

Mark Lovell