Specialising in the supply of ISSF Target Pistols, Rifles & Accessories.

Specialising in the supply of ISSF Target Pistols, Rifles & Accessories.

FAS 6007 The famous .22 Semi Auto from Italy


FAS 6007 Nationals Special Discount through until April 30th 2021

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FAS SP 6007 semi-automatic .22 Long Rifle rimfire pistol, conceived for competition shooting and more specifically as a standard pistol for ISSF and Olympic shooting events.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ni_GcHyuiwMade in strict observance of the well-known FAS engineering pedigree when it comes to sporting firearms − balance, stability, controllability, rapid fire − the FAS SP 6007 semi-automatic standard pistol is built around a modular design that allows its full disassembly without any tools, providing easy maintenance and adjustment. The trigger unit of the FAS SP 6007 pistol is a fully independent assembly that can be removed from the rest of the gun to allow "fine" adjustments when necessary.The magazine of the FAS SP 6007 standard pistol is inserted from the top, which allows the use of some of the industry's longest barrels for this category of firearms − enhancing accuracy and range, and allowing full customization of the pistol grip. The FAS SP 6007 rimfire standard pistol is 29cm long, 14,5cm high and 5cm wide; its overall weight tops 1100 grams unloaded, and its magazine holds five or six rounds of .22 Long Rifle ammunition; its barrel is 14,2cm long and sports a standard rifling pitch for its category.The two-stage trigger pull is 1000-grams heavy and 6mm long from factory, and can be fully customized. The sight radius for the FAS SP 6007 pistol is 22cm long, and sights are fully adjustable; more specifically, the rear sight allows a 5,5mm regulation per click. Note – the FAS 6007 comes standard with a Righthand Medium grip.We are offering a custom made Rink grip to suit your hand for a special price of $300.
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Weight 5 kg