Specialising in the supply of ISSF Target Pistols, Rifles & Accessories.

Specialising in the supply of ISSF Target Pistols, Rifles & Accessories.

Eigenbrod 10m Returning Target system


Eigenbrod 10m Returning Target system- AVAILABLE ON ORDER

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ELG-Super 10-85

The model „ELG-Super 10-85“ is a recent target pulley system for all disciplines in sportive shooting at a distance of 10 m.
The unit ist easy to use by two mushroom buttons for running the targets forwards and back.
The running direction can easily be changed before stopping of the disk carrier at each end position and by using a special breaking system the disk carrier attains at each position silently.
The track cables and hauling cables are smoothly adjustable and removable.

Large round headed buttons provide maximum operating function for forward and backward movement.
These buttons enable the shooters to stop and release the targets directly.
This can be quickly and easily adjusted for the various disciplines, without utilising any other tools.
The standard bullet trap is designed for safety, long-life and satisfaction.
From shooters worldwide recognised as a robust construction.
The World Champion system can be easily set up for crossbow competitions and can also provide a high quality for permanent solution.
An adjustable intermediate panel, sold as a conversion accessory, are also designed specifically for three-position & air rifle shooting.
This brings the target direct to the shooters, allowing an easy charge of target even when shooters are in prone or kneeling position.
The revolutionary Pro Catch sound absorbing bullet trap is an optional accessory.
Pro Catch misses nothing and on the other hand enables to catch the pellets and keeps the area and the floor below the targets free of lead.
The drawer, integrated in the lead-catching tray has five times the capacity of the standard bullet trap which can be emptied in seconds.
RIKA`s commitment and superior technology is guaranteed for top class performance in a world class, highly competitive environments.
The RIKA World Champion has been recognised for many years at several international competitions and training centers-e.g. In München Hochbrück Olympic indoor shooting stadium.